• NYC Resident John Lasala on Zoning Compliance

  • Posted on October 18, 2018
  • John Lasala New York

    Zoning compliance can be a complicated series of steps and regulations to sort out. The Commercial Mortgage Backed Security industry has seen a steady stream of increased compliance requests on the checklist of documents to procure as the industry matures. Because of this, many loans are being delayed on funding until the zoning compliance is completed in order to ensure that the collateral property is of value. While it seems as though this issue of zoning compliance increase would primarily affect borrowers, it also affects title insurers, closing attorneys, owners, developers, lenders as well as rating agencies. All of these entities need to be able to both procure as well as understand the zoning requirements for their property or property of interest.

    With a lot of these zoning compliance issues, there are many different questions that can arise. John Lasala saw a need for assistance in understanding as well as procuring these zoning compliance documents and founded the National Zoning Group, LLC in NYC. NYC is a bustling area that is filled with many complicated zoning requirements which John Lasala felt that people could use some help understanding. With National Zoning Group, LLC, everyone from borrowers to closing attorneys can have assistance with their zoning compliance needs. This sets up for an efficient and expedited process of closing a loan or finishing an assessment of a property.

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